Wall Jump Abuse TAS in 7:11 by HoorayForJay


Wall Jump Abuse TAS in 7:11 by HoorayForJay

Frames: 25905
Rerecords: 34863

This the fastest completion of this hack.

This is the hardest hack I have ever played, harder than Glitch Abuse 2, harder than Living on the Edge. Is considered by many to be the hardest hack in existence. Seriously, even the easy looking bits are hard. In fact, the hardest bits didn't actually involve wall jumps, except for the 2 tiled wall jumps near the beginning of the lava room. You see that little jump just before I start wall jumping? I held jump for 4 frames there. I tried holding jump for 3 and 5 frames, then repeated my input EXACTLY, and I ended up dying to the muncher 6 wall jumps in. Yep, that's how bloody tough this hack is. Thanks to Gbreeze for at least trying to help with a keyjump bit, turns out in the end I re-did a certain bit so it's all my input (lol).



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