[NES Tetris TAS] T-Spin Triple but in 1989


[NES Tetris TAS] T-Spin Triple but in 1989

I had the idea and it had to be done.
Read before commenting about anything being suspicious:

This is a Tool-Assisted run, this means I am not playing in realtime but I can play frame by frame and use savestates and rerecord in order to get a sequence of input ending in what I want, in this case a T piece clearing 3 lines.
Yes, I'm manipulating luck to a pretty big extent, but I'm not modifying anything in the game or the memory to achieve this. It's all done by delaying piece drops and waiting a few frames to get a good outcome for the piece appearing in the NEXT box.

Rerecord count: 397, length: 980f (16.31"), made using FCEUX 2.2.2, played back in FCEUX 2.2.3.



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