F-ZERO GX: Speedrun - Story Mode (Very Hard) - 21:40.40


F-ZERO GX: Speedrun - Story Mode (Very Hard) - 21:40.40

【15'01"176 in-game time】

Uploading something special to the 10-year anniversary of F-ZERO GX. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Run information:

Chapter 1: 0'54"203 - Went as expected. I'll consider changing the strategy a bit, so it can hit around 52".
Chapter 2: 0'33"870 - Was OK. I've gotten 31" in a single segment run before.
Chapter 3: 1'11"323 - Was good at some parts, but also slow at times. Unfortunately I didn't get the MTSISB at the start of lap 3.
Chapter 4: 1'55"345 - Went pretty poorly. This chapter is always hard to predict.
Chapter 5: 0'38"021 - Good enough. 37" would be nice, though...
Chapter 6: 2'29"564 - Decent, except that I didn't get the Shift Boost after the final dirt area.
Chapter 7: 2'30"360 - Went OK, although it ended up a bit more scary than it needed to.
Chapter 8: 2'54"394 - Better time than I had expected to get.
Chapter 9: 1'54"096 - Lots of time can still be saved here.

Settings: 100% Max Speed | (Non-snake)
Single Segment

Set on 25.07.2013
Set in: 60Hz mode
Played on a Wii in GameCube mode.

Recorded live at: http://twitch.tv/CGN0
60fps highlight: http://www.twitch.tv/CGN0/c/2633470


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