Barbados Lifestyles Savannah Horses Grenadila & Tas Swiming


Barbados Lifestyles Savannah Horses Grenadila & Tas Swiming

The owners and trainers of the pedigree race horses of the Barbados Savannah are the true artisans of the race featured in http://lifestylesofttheartisan.com

These beautiful prize winners are taken to the ocean to relax after a rece and at other time to swim and recuperate. Here the owner of Grenadila who has just won a race takes his horse for a bath. Today TAS is a bit frisky but soon all is under control.

More likelifestyles see http://lifestylesofttheartisan.com

To see the horses swimming in the ocean you can o to Pebbles Beach near Barbados Cruising Club and the Radison Hotel at dawn. The owners and grooms will chat and pose with horses for a picture, You Just need to ask!. You can also find them further up the beach at Carlisle Bay. There is no set timetable - they go after a race and as needed to exercise and recuperate.

More about the Barbados Savannah Race Horses http://barbados.org/horse_racing.htm

also see the longer form of this video at ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR6T6UPIX08



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