Doom 2 in 14:02 TAS (tool assisted speedrun) - 30uv1402


Doom 2 in 14:02 TAS (tool assisted speedrun) - 30uv1402

This is a TAS (tool assisted speed) run of "Doom II: Hell on Earth" in 14:02
French commentary available here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMXlY... (by RealMyop and Coeurdevandale)

It was made by RamboBones and encoded in 720p by me. I am not the one "playing", I just love doom and speed runs 🙂

This is a tool assisted speedrun, meaning it is using features unavailable to regular players, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame advance of the gameplay, and re-recording of previous portions of a performance

It is running doom 2 v1.9 in Ultra-Violence, playing all 30 levels + 2 secrets (30uv1402)

I've encoded this movie as I couldn't find a good quality version for it, and most of the speed run movies available use the 14:41 version by Andrey "entryway" Budko (which is slower).

Many techniques are used in this speedrun including :
* Rocket jumping
* Use of archvile attack to jump
* Use of monsters to open locked doors (map 27)
* Strafe 50 always enabled (141% of normal run-forward speed)
* Access platforms using high speed tricks
* Fit through very small gaps

Recording parameters :
* Used prboom plus (for 720p 16:9 format) in doom 2 v1.9 compatibility mode
* Removed pain palette change (so that you can clearly see rocket jumps)
* Enabled smooth mouse movements

Because of smooth movements it may seem the player is not aiming monsters when shooting, in reality he is, but this happens only during 1 frame, which can not be seen in this movie.



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