A Boy and His Blob TAS Console Verification


A Boy and His Blob TAS Console Verification

This is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun Console Verification of NES A Boy and His Blob (USA) in 01:41.73 by Kyman & SilentSlayers & Aglar. The actual publication is located at: http://tasvideos.org/1865M.html

The controller input was sent using a Raspberry Pi connected to a custom PCB connected through a wiring harness to the controller port of an unmodified NES. The video was recorded with the help of a rolling laundry hamper, a luggage strap, 5 feet of Romex electrical cable, and a Nexus 10 somewhere in the middle of everything. This caused a mild swinging action in the video, which is extremely rough and includes random autofocus. But, it does show that the TAS of this game can be played back on an unmodified console. 🙂



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