[TAS] Unfinished Example Game in 1:35.80 [SHC 2018]


[TAS] Unfinished Example Game in 1:35.80 [SHC 2018]

It's a good game for tasing haha 😛

and I found a really good glitch at Green Hill and zipped this lol

This is a tool assisted speedrun. For more informations, visit http://tasvideos.org/


Unfinished Example Game was going to be a ROM full of various level imports to show off how much artwork could fit in a Genesis Sonic game, aswell as to help support the level importing guide I made, aswell as the (now cancelled) Empty Sonic 1 disassembly project (which was a disassembly where all the zones have their assets removed so you can easily import artwork). An early version of this disassembly can be downloaded here: https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/th...

All 6 zones have been changed, but only Act 1 of each zone has actual content. And the only way to access 3 of the zones is by using level select. The levels here are all ported from various games, which are:
-Chaos Angel Zone from Sonic Advance 3
-Some random level from Donkey Kong Country
-Some random thing I found from Castlevania
-World 1-2 (I think) from Yoshi's Island
-A little bit of a level from I think Metal Slug 3
-A basic test level
I should note that these zones are in no particular order because I'm too lazy to remember.

Anyways, why am I uploading this even though Among the Others is my last fan project? Well I didn't want the work here to go to waste, so here it is. I wish I could've finished my Empty Sonic 1 disassembly, because it was really unfinished. But oh well. This exists I guess.

by: Unlimited Trees

Download: http://www.sonichacking.org/entry/85



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