Sonic Adventure DX (TAS) - Tails's Story in 20:24.57 {WR}


Sonic Adventure DX (TAS) - Tails's Story in 20:24.57 {WR}


This is a tool assisted speedrun (TAS), a speedrun made using savestates, slowdowns and frame advances in an emulator to get a theoricaly perfect run, for entertainment. Visit http://TASVideos.org for more info.

TASVideos submission: http://tasvideos.org/4129S.html

IMPORTANT: The start of the movie shows Sonic completing Chaos 0 and Emerald Coast from my Sonic's Story TAS, which is needed to unlock Tails's Story. So the actual TAS starts in the soft reset after Emerald Coast, in the frame number 8967 (VI 6690).

I'd like to thank Gamepro011 for all the help during the whole run; my Twitch followers for all the support and you for watching this movie 🙂

About the TAS:

- Game: Sonic Adventure DX
- Author: THC98
- Emulator used: Dolphin 3.0-735
- Completes Tails's Story
- Aims for fastest real time (over in-game time)
- Uses luck manipulation
- Heavy glitch abuse

Individual level/boss times:

Egg Hornet: 0:26.93
Windy Valley: 0:17.78
Casinopolis: 0:07.80
Ice Cap: 1:16.55
Chaos 4: 1:14.90
Sand Hill: 0:39.45
Sky Deck: 0:21.11
Speed Highway: 0:44.15
Egg Walker: 0:50.76

Final time (according to inputs number, without loading times): 16:59.58
Final time (according to frames number, with loading times): 20:24.57

Comments about tricks in the run:

With Tails, it's very easy to get to max speed, but going in straight lines can be difficult. But after some hard work, I got to finish the TAS 😛
Even with less speed and less glitches than Sonic, Tails is considerably broken. By pushing him into weird geometry places or to small gaps in the level boundary, Tails can easily go out of bounds. This allows me to skip some parts of the game, like taking the Ice Stone to open Ice Cap entrance, as I can simply clip the wall near there and go to Ice Cap.
Talking about Ice Cap, this level and Sand Hill were the hardest ones to optimize, because of the snowboard physics. It's hard to keep a straight line while trying to stay on the ground. But when you get it, insane speeds are achieved. And this insane speed allows me to do another super speed trick, which is jumping twice in a ramp. Doing it in the 3rd ramp of Ice Cap with a good angle, you can go outside the level boundaries and go straight to the last section of the level, saving 8 seconds.
That one was the trick that saved the greatest amount of time, but there's another one that saved a lot of time: the gravity glitch in Speed Highway. To do it, you have to go to the booster right below the end of the 3 air dashes in the start of the level, and fly from the end of it. If done right, Tails will fly sideways, and by holding up+left in the analog for some frames, you can lock his gravity angle. This allows me to fall straight to the end, literally. By holding B, you start descending, and the longer you hold it, the faster you descend.


My Twitch TV channel: http://www.twitch.tv/thc98
Gamepro011's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gamepro011

Enjoy! ^_^



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