[TAS] Dragon Warrior - "Low%"


[TAS] Dragon Warrior - "Low%"

This is a Tool-Assisted Superplay/Speedrun (often abbreviated to "TAS") where a player can edit, rerecord, and manipulate a game into doing whatever that person desires. Visit http://tasvideos.org/ for more information.

In this run, I complete the game in very minimalistic style doing as little of everything as possible. This includes 0 deaths, 0 equipment, 6 monsters, 6 level-ups, 5 chests, etc. I put Low% in quotations as you can't strictly define it since many metrics can be lowered further but only at the expense of others. For example, I could skip getting the Death Necklace, but at the cost of more monster encounters. By this arbitrary definition, I decided to prioritize minimizing what I personally felt are the most key aspects of the game.

Health management is quite tricky as you have to travel across several damaging swamps and barriers without Erdrick's Armor, and juggling Herbs, Heal spells, and different Inn visits allows for a huge variety of combinations. It turns out to be possible with 6 Heal spells and 5 Herbs, although you could include a 6th Herb and reduce 2 Heal spells. I feel Herbs are more "external", so I minimized those first. Because MP has to be restored, I also had to fit an Inn visit somewhere as the only other option is dying. For the Dragonlord, you simply need him to fail using Stopspell continuously for the first form and then be put to sleep and have him take a long nap for the second form. 12 minutes of very exciting stuff.

This took some time to plan out and I came up with a variety of routes. This run should be optimal with the exception of the speed of RNG manipulation.

I think I'm good on Dragon Warrior TASing for awhile now, lol.



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