CS:S TAS. Surf_map_h in 1:15:81. (WR -00:05:35)


CS:S TAS. Surf_map_h in 1:15:81. (WR -00:05:35)

Special thanks to people for helping me make this video: Profile, Steve, Goldace, and Bocuma

This, is a Tool Assisted Speedrun, AKA TAS, of surf_map_h(-5 seconds from WR). This means it was done with various "cheats" like segmenting, timescale, and auto-strafers. I only used segmenting and timescale for this one.

I actually used a TAS plugin for tf2 because there is a way to use it in momentum-mod. Here's the plugin: http://jump.tf/forum/index.php?topic=...

Song: Matt Rogers - Suck on My Cock



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