Sonic Boom TAS


Sonic Boom TAS

Information on the run

I was browsing Sonic Retro and I found this hack, along with others, it seemed the hardest one out of the batch I downloaded. After a while of playing, I decided to make a TAS of it. This is my first official TAS run because I used slowdowns and save states. This is just a test TAS and it has mistakes and it can also be improved by a lot. Please note, on the second boss fight, there will be a lot of noise because sonic will constantly hitting the boss on two occasions, please lower the sound during the fight.

Noticeable mistakes

In act one, I get hit by lightning and lose nearly a second of time. In Act two, I made a mistake somewhere, I think I looped, not sure though. In the final act, I took the scenic route since I thought it would be more entertaining to watch.

TAS stats

Movie length - 5 minutes 7.0333 seconds
Number of rerecords - 579
Number of frames - 18422
Real Time took to make - about an hour

Side note

I am in not affiliated with the creators of this hack or anything Sonic in general. If you like this video, please visit Sonic Retro for this and more Sonic hacks. Remember, TAS videos are made to show how much a game can be pushed and not to show skill. There is a skill in TAS making, but only outside of human limitations. This video is made for entertainment purposes and not to show the creators' skills.




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