[TAS] Cthulhu's Island in 2:52.30 [SHC 2018]


[TAS] Cthulhu's Island in 2:52.30 [SHC 2018]


This is a tool assisted speedrun. For more informations, visit http://tasvideos.org/


Cthulhu's Island is a modification of last year's Sonic 1 Back to South Island, made by Pineapplearse, and guess what? It actually extends further than a singular act! Surprising, huh? The hack has one completed zone, at this time, Cthulhu's palace, which is a total revamp from last year. Acts 1-3 have differing palettes, and songs, so it's more or less a transition between fall/halloween to the desolation of winter. At the end of act three, one fights the Eye of Cthulhu himself, complete with a remix of Terraria's Boss 1, and custom sounds when injured. But since I lack knowledge of ASM68k coding, all I did was make the boss have more "health points", and "harder" boss layout, because fuck you! As for the next zone, Cthulhu's ruins, it is a work in progress at this moment and time. More or less may be done at the time of writing this out. Also, out of popular complaint, I have implimented the spindash. I would've made it the CD spindash, but I don't know how, so eh. Before I forget, due to time constraints, many music tracks went unused, to listen to them if you'd like.

After three years of making this thing thing, I hope you enjoy all the changes that engulfed this hack this year. Of course, I would always appreciate criticism, for as ROMhacking/making pixel art in general is pretty fun. Stay epic, gamers.

Oh, and there may be a few eastereggs throughout the hack...

Download: http://www.sonichacking.org/entry/80



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