Kaizo Mario World TAS Speed Run (14:23.7) Part 1


Kaizo Mario World TAS Speed Run (14:23.7) Part 1


I think this is the fastest completion on video.

If you're not familiar with Kaizo Mario World, it's an extremely hard Super Mario World ROM Hack. The basic functions are the same, but the levels themselves are spastic.

This is a TAS in which I go for the fastest time possible in Kaizo Mario World. TAS stands for Tool-Assisted Speedrun, which means that I used savestates, slowdown, and other cheats to make this. In a sense, I did this, but in another sense, I cheated. This is not meant to show skill, but to show the game pushed to its limits, which many people find amusing. Any anti-TAS comments will be deleted, and the poster will be permanently blocked. Try me.

If timing starts when Mario reaches Yoshi's Island on the map, and ends when the final mechakoopa touches Bowser, I finished in 14 minutes, 23.7 seconds. Sorry for the inconvenient time of split, but I really wanted to get the entire sequence on video. Remember to watch part 2.

NOTICE 11/07/09: I get requests for YouTube Partners based on this video, what is that and what does it do?

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