Mission Impossible Nes TAS in 27:04 by sprocket2005


Mission Impossible Nes TAS in 27:04 by sprocket2005

Mission Impossible Nes is based on the abc 1988 tv series for anyone curious. Final Time: 27:04.07 (timers starts at 00:00 video mark) by sprocket2005. The only glitch used was gaining the pass card and setting off the alarm simultaneously. I wouldn't call damage distribution from the flame room a glitch though. I wouldn't call the poor hitbox detection of the red security a glitch either.

The previous fastest completion of this game is 30 minutes 59 seconds by Tom Votava and is very impressive for a game of this difficulty. I don't believe it's humanly possibly for anyone real time to beat mission impossible under 28 minutes because there are simply too many unpredictable variables skill cannot make up for.

This is the first TAS of Mission Impossible Nes and could be optimized more. Especially the intro and level 1. edit: The mechanical controls in Level 1 can also be avoided by glitch as found by GeminiNES. An improved TAS is on the way.

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