TAS Rockman X4 100% (Zero) in 37:10 by zeroblaze777


TAS Rockman X4 100% (Zero) in 37:10 by zeroblaze777

Emulator used : pcsx v0.1.3
-------ABOUT THE RUN--------
Collect all items
Take damage to save time
Luck manipulation

Stage order:
Magmard Dragoon
Jet Stingren
(Get Ryuenjin and Hienkyaku(air dash) help in the frost kibatodos stage some parts)
Frost Kibatodos
Cyber Kujacker (defeated him before Split mushroom because the air slash take 3 damage whereas Kuuenzan take 2)
Split Mushroom
Web Spidus
Storm Fukuroul
Slash Beastleo

Check out the damage chart here : http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/Mega_Ma...

Enjoy xD



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