Hyper Street Fighter 2- Ken TAS


Hyper Street Fighter 2- Ken TAS

EDIT 1 (February 10, 2014):

What is a TAS/Tool Assisted Speedrun? This website can give you all the information you need. Do know, however, that I am not a part of this site:



Before anyone says anything:

YES, I do use too many hurricane kicks and Super cancels in this TAS. I apologize for doing so, but doing this TAS was pretty simple, and too much fun. Its somewhat easier (for me) to cancel Ryu's Super, but with Ken, it sets up for more somewhat interesting combos.

So please, if you don't like too many Supers or Hurricane Kicks, I will try to make the next Ken TAS more well-rounded. In the meantime, enjoy this one 😛

In case anyone's wondering, this is my to do list for TASes:

Balrog (Boxer) TAS (working on it)
Blanka TAS 2
Dhalsim TAS (Maybe)
M. Bison (Dictator) TAS 2 (still trying to figure out Super cancel with him)

If you want to see a better well-rounded Ken TAS, I suggest watching this video:




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