[TAS] Melee Adventure Mode Very Hard 6:57 Falco


[TAS] Melee Adventure Mode Very Hard 6:57 Falco

Updated from the previous video. Saved an extra 3/4 seconds!

All videos were recording using emulator save states and fraps for the best possible times on each segment
This is basically a human segmented TAS. All these strats are possible in real time with the right RNG.

Pokemon stadium was very fun to make, I had to manipulate where the pikachu's spawned, where the item spawned and what was inside the pokeball.

Loading times are accurate and done frame by frame.

Made a mistake in the video and didn't keep 4 stocks after Samus but it doesn't really change the time of the speedrun at all

This video is to show what time is possible if you get perfect rng and execution is perfect.




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