[TAS] forsaken city a-side, true pure 100%


[TAS] forsaken city a-side, true pure 100%

true pure 100% requires you to touch every single entity, including spikes. in depth rules on each entity is wip and will be linked soon

thanks to the entire tas-discussion channel on the celeste discord for answering most of my questions about the inner machinations of this game and the tas software

special thanks to EuniverseCat for unknowingly letting me copy&paste a lot of stuff from her arb TAS. please check that out, it's way better than this and i probably couldn't have made this without it:

this is my first "serious" TAS, and while i do think there is a lot of timesave to be made, i am still very proud of what i've accomplished, even though it's probably boring as heck to watch for many people



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