[MKWii TAS] Twinkle Star strats and New Things #1


[MKWii TAS] Twinkle Star strats and New Things #1


Music: Touhou - Paradise ~ Deep Mountain (Remixed by Demetori), Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily's Castle: Stage 1 Boss (Bossfight Remix)

I'm Japanese, I can't speak English well...
so I may misunderstand words and have trouble with you, then I'm sorry...
Also, please don't write Japanese if you're non-Japanese.
It's hard to understand translated words with Google.
I'm not accepting TAS/TAF requests.
My typing is so slow and I'm weak in long talking, so I don’t want to talk on Skype sorry...

Emulator: Dolphin 4.0-2016 64x (for windows)
Computer: iMac Retina 4K (Windows10 on BootCamp)
Video Editor: Final Cut Pro X (for Mac)
Gamepad Controller: Microsoft Xbox One Controller

エミュレーター(TASツール): Dolphin 4.0-2016 64x (windows 64bit版)
コンピューター: iMac Retina 4K (BootCampでWindowsOSを入れています)
CPU: Intel - Core i7-5775R
グラフィックカード: Intel - Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB (CPU内蔵iGPU)
メモリ: 16GB 1867MHz DDR3 SDRAM
動画編集ソフト: Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
TAS用ゲームコントローラー: MicrosoftのXbox One付属のコントローラー



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