SMW Burning in Hell TAS 22:11.783


SMW Burning in Hell TAS 22:11.783

Hack by: notgoodwithusernames
This is the fastest completion of SMW Burning in Hell surpassing IgorSantos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WgcU... 31:25.33 by
33,196 frames(553.26 seconds or 9 minutes and 3 seconds)

Frames: 79906
Re-records: 13586

New routes, improvements and optimizations are founded on this hack. The biggest come from skipping the stages: Castle of Terror normal exit, #2 Castle of Terror, normal exit, Battle Ship Doom secret exit, Star of Sadness 2 and switches red, yellow and Blue, required to pass the first part of forest from hell 1 by keeping a feather on reserve

Big improvements come from Yoshi Slaughter by keeping Yoshi, that is inspired on Dark Noob's former smv that did the progress, the goal tape was my own, which allowed skip part of #2 castle of terror, along with being able to have enough lives to die a keep a cape on reserve.

The rest of improvements, well better you people look at it.
Part of maps are darker or clearer ir because transparency effects are off till I remembered on second to last stage.



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