Super Metroid - 100% TAS - 00:34 (01:08:22)


Super Metroid - 100% TAS - 00:34 (01:08:22)

This is my latest TAS of Super Metroid. It is a 100% run that finishes with a ingametime of 00:34, as compared to my previous run which finished with 00:36. The overall time for the run is a couple of seconds higher than the old run partly because this one aims primarily for ingame time whereas the last one was optimized for realtime, but also because a new, more accurate, emulator was used which causes a lot more lag.

Tool Assisted - these games are played using a emulator at super slow speeds and save states. The goal is to provide entertainment by showing off game glitches and beating the game as fast as possible.
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- Aims for Fastest Ingame Time
- Abuses Programming Errors In The Game
- 100% Item Collection
- Takes Damage To Save TIme
- Manipulates Luck



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