Kirby Superstar Arena Rock (TAS)


Kirby Superstar Arena Rock (TAS)

Rock. It's what makes Kirby Cheap in the Smash games. It's also the cheapest power and massively deadly in the wrong hands. Like mine. 😀
I was utterly shocked at how lethal rock was to bosses. If contacted correctly and timed well, it can do 55 HP damage per strike and Kirby can rock about 5 times a second. If properly timed this can kill most bosses in less than 5 seconds! The average battle time (per boss) in this video is 13 seconds. This is brought down by the Halberd Reactor and Heart of Nova.

Halberd Reactor: Wow! This is where I truly discovered the power of rock and realized that it wouldn't be the painful chore I thought it would be to go through the arena like this! Rock.....ROCKS!! XD

Combo Cannon: This is the fight I was worried about. It turned out really good though and didn't take any longer than the other Combo Cannons.

Heart of Nova: Although not Rock-based, I think I finally got the timing right on this.

Wham Bam Rock: He's not resistant to the Rock power. A little strange I think. On the last strike, the hand is actually right below Kirby on the first frame he descends so he takes damage; Despite looking like the hand dies by slapping the rock in mid-air, the rock is actually hitting the very bottom of the hand's hit-box.

Heavy Lobster: It may be possible that if he hadn't jumped I could have killed him sooner.

Kracko: This is the first battle where I have to forcibly get above him to hit him. I don't like the way this battle played out, but I don't think I could have done much better.

Computer Virus: Involves a little luck manipulation to strike first and to get the red dragon to attack with the stars rather than flap his wings. I MIGHT have been able to kill the dragon before he could strike back, but I couldn't get the timing right.

Dyna Blade: If I were OK with taking damage I would have taken it and ended this fight sooner. I don't like taking damage, though so it took a while.

Lololo & Lalala: A little more luck manip here to get them to come out where I want them. It may be possible to kill them in one pass if the timing were just right.

The other battles are just me doing rock as fast as possible.

I think I'll do beam now then cutter. I hate Beam even though it's Sakurai's favorite (or so I hear). Maybe there's some hidden potential there that I can find.

PS - I got the Samus statue once and thought I took a screenshot of it. I was going to put it at the end of the video, but turns out I didn't get it. Sorry. 🙁



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