[MKWii] SNES Mario Circuit 3 1:18:116 (TAS)


[MKWii] SNES Mario Circuit 3 1:18:116 (TAS)

Tool-Assisted Speedrun by me.
WR by the time this vid was uploaded: 01:18:328 - ☆«Tуler» (Which is also the ghost that appears in this video).

Well, I finally had a go at this track, which is very difficult to TAS. I used the WR as a ghost reference since if I didn't I'd have hardly got good times here because understanding this turnings are very difficult.
For this reason, 2nd and 3rd lap may be a little bit more improvable because I lost the ghost reference. Actually 1st lap is improvable too.

Sub 1:18 is doable with a very good TAS run (close to perfection).

The end of the 2nd lap was weaker than usual, that's because I wasn't able to reTAS that part (my emulator was always freezing when I was starting the 3rd lap) so I needed to conserve my oldest savestate and continue through it.

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