[HD 16:9] Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (TAS) - Hero Story in 25:11.87


[HD 16:9] Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (TAS) - Hero Story in 25:11.87

This is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS), which means that this video was made in an emulator with save states and slow downs for a theoretically perfect run, for entertainment purpose. Visit http://tasvideos.org for more info.


This TAS was made by me and Hazel Cogan. Subscribe to her channel if you haven't yet!



This video is a 16:9 encode of the TAS, with the widescreen hack of Dolphin Emulator enabled. There's a 4:3 encode instead, if you prefer it:



Final time:

According to the VI count (without loading times): 25:11.87
According to the frames count (with loading times): 27:12.38
According to the in-game time (sum of all levels and bosses): 18:02.28


If you want to know more about the tricks used in this run or if you want to download the movie file and run it in Dolphin emulator, check this link:



If you also like Sonic Adventure DX, check some TASes I've made in that game:



Enjoy! ^_^



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