Super Dram World 100% TAS in 23:51.15


Super Dram World 100% TAS in 23:51.15

Hack by the grown man PangeaPanga.
You can download it here: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&...

Emulator used: snes9x v1.51
Frames: 85869 (23;51.15)
Rerecords: 48046
SMV: http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.p...

Feels nice to have finished my first legitimate TAS in a while. If you haven't heard of the hack yet, it's a Kaizo hack made by Panga for the SMW Twitch streamer dram55 (hence the title). It's meant to be in line with the original Kaizo series, which it does pretty well, so I recommend trying it out.



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