Glitch Abuse 3 TAS in 6:43.96


Glitch Abuse 3 TAS in 6:43.96

Re-records: 76,349

The long awaited TAS is finally here! I have taken quite a lot of breaks in between the TASing of this, and decided at the beginning of this week that it was time to finish it. This version of the hack is (now) currently the most updated one. You can find it here:

The hack was actually quite simple, but, as you can tell from the re-record count, the shelljump bits were not to disappoint. The changes in the newest version include the the bottom section of the shelljump bit in the green forest shelljumping/puzzle room, and the double noteblock section of the ice cave with the disco shell action. The puzzle in the mentioned green room is actually impossible unless you go back to retrieve the green shell, as stunned moles only allow you to duplicate blocks upwards.

Despite it ancestors, GA3 did not have any major breaks. Any game-breaking things that were attempted were prevented by the use of gray cement blocks for dirt rather than a regular dirt tile. The biggest breaks (if you can count them as such) were in the very first room, where I skip the stun glitch with the hopping flame, and at the end of the ice cave room, where I skip an elaborate (and time-consuming) screen-scrolling section.

This Glitch Abuse was definitely more difficult than the first two, as most simple-looking bits are very precise or frame perfect. A good example of this is the triple shelljump in the first auto-scrolling room. If you want to be able to attempt this hack and successfully beat it, you will have to know a bit about the game's glitches (or just research the tricks I used in the video :P).



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