Mario Must Die TAS 100% in 45:46.68


Mario Must Die TAS 100% in 45:46.68

Frames: 164801
Re-records 10298 ( i expected around 14,000-16,000 re-records)

Hack by Sokobansolver
This is a improvement of 28070 frames (467,98 seconds or 7 minutes and 47 seconds) over my previous run

Adrenaline Rush: improve using new way to reach in door

Coin block cavern: improve using wal jump to keep springboard ,fifth room i improve using shell to camera rise up and in sixth room skip mushroom using mario invicibility

SuperDrowningSkillz: 1/1 swimming to improve some frames improve third room keeping key and dropping to use another key to enter in door, fifth room using crouch to lose only one mushroom in seventh room use 1/1 to improve 2-4 frames.

Keep Moving!: i use wall jump to skip fuzzy saving much frames in second room improve using mid-air shell jump to save time skipping red shell and use baby yoshi to eat 3 item result this 1 wait eat another result 3 and another result 5 and use super shell to fly under level.

Mario Graveyard i get a lot improvement using only one star and using wall jump to skip mushrooms after get mid point i lost 2 seconds, in big boo i get great improvement using wall jump

Impossible Palace: using another way to pick mushroom

Fish Styx 2: after get p-switch and enter in water i hit the log to gain speed i lost time in night part hitting musics blocks, in cavern room i hate clouds because this version have all 9 stage im demo 2 not have this i improve getting fire flower more fast in last part of day room i duck to improve.

Yoshi Abuse: In second room i land in 4time sprites fast to improve in third room i get improve in koopa part i get 49 speed to save much time in the second door i use key downards to no lose speed the rest is the same than my previous run.

GOD PAINFUL!: first exit i get improve press A and B to keep 37 speed and i get improve using only one fire breath in fourth room use spinjump low in fifth i keep jump to 37 speed in eighth room i lost second because fish not go in direction correct in nineth room i get some frames keep speed after super shell hit turn block.
Second exit: in fourth room i improved in shell part in blue yoshi part and in turn block part sixth room i improve using wall jump to saving much time.
Third Exit: in fifth room i finally did in final part i get the shell and p-switch and use shell to kill blue koopas in sixth room i use p-switch to enter in door in seventh room i use wall jump more fast, i used shell jump to skip bullet bill.

Edit 19/08 100k views thanks very much for all viewers and my subscribers



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