(TAS) - Moonview Highway - 1:41.570


(TAS) - Moonview Highway - 1:41.570

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This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count on any real rankings.

TAS BKT Cut [-0:00.387]

Previous BKT by Estaloy - 1:41.957

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-rDS 3lap?

Contrary to popular opinion this course was actually a lot of fun to learn. Getting punished for going fast is a shitty mechanic but it forces you to be creative. The shroom strat ended up being pretty simple anyway but I enjoyed messing around with a lot of different strats. The only other shroom strat I could see working is 0-1-2 so you lose less time to the trucks on lap 2

♪ Sonic R - Livin' in the City ♫

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Done on Dolphin-3.5-x86
Performed with savestates, frame advance, TAS input, speedometer, and TAS code

-Thanks for Watching-



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