TAP/TAS Bomberman NES in 29:27 by Dimon12321


TAP/TAS Bomberman NES in 29:27 by Dimon12321

It's more tool-assisted playthrough, than tool-assisted speedrun because there are lots of stages (8-20) which I could pass faster and grab some bonuses only once a game. I had a travel for a few days and decided to make TAS on this game (and Tekken 2).

I played it first time on Famicom when I was a child.
The control isn't pretty good: sometimes I couldn't detonate my bombs while walking!

It's a tool-assisted movie. I used savestates and slow motion to make it. At the beginning of each level I made the savestate, destroyed all the walls on the level, loaded the savestate and then destroyed only those walls which hide the power-ups and the door. And yeah, it's random, but locations of power-ups and the door are fixed after a level is displayed.

Game: https://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_E...
Nintendo NES emulator: https://sourceforge.net/projects/fceu...

P.S: sorry of the quality! The converting was so long!



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