TWW Any% w/ Moonjump in 27:45.12 [TAS]


TWW Any% w/ Moonjump in 27:45.12 [TAS]

A True Masterpiece of a Dank Meme.
You probably noticed a lot of Cutscenes.....
well, actually 21min 42sec of this TAS is just Cutscenes.
Means there is only 6min 03sec of Gameplay,
what a good ratio!!!! (Doors and such not included!!)
I also skipped every single Item, which makes this also kinda Low%
-Making Time: 3h 37min 41sec, fairly quick ^_^
Special Thanks to wooferzfg for helping me with the Audio!
If you have any funny ideas on what I should TAS next, let me know, if it is not too long, I might actually do it 😉



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