Super Mario 64 - 1 Star TAS by mr_roberts_z & Rikku [6:44]


Super Mario 64 - 1 Star TAS by mr_roberts_z & Rikku [6:44]

This run attempts to make a Super Mario 64 1 star TAS as tightly optimized as possible. It saves about 26 frames from the latest 1 star TAS, or almost a second.

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS), meaning, according to the definition, a movie that pushes a game to the limit to "create art and provide entertainment". By using rerecording and savestates, we have managed to complete the game in the fastest time so far.

More info at www.tasvideos.org

Note: this is a temporary video. If/when the movie gets published, it will be replaced by the publication version.



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