SSBM: (TAS/TAP) All 51 Event Matches


SSBM: (TAS/TAP) All 51 Event Matches

I finally completed the TASing of all 51 event matches. Was definitely worth the time and effort! I changed the title to include TAP, since this is technically not a speedrun(TAP stands for Tool Assisted Playthrough)

Also, I understand this is my most viewed video, but it is nearly 6 years old, and my newer TAS videos are of much better quality. If you all get the chance, please check out my most recent TASes, especially of All Star runs and Turbo Mode.



【TAS/コメ付】モンスターハンター3トライ Part1 続き↓↓↓ Part2: Part1: Part3: Part5: Part1: Part4: Part1: Part3: Part1: Pa ...


コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8 コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8石ころに当たって涙目敗走のクソ雑魚村4ラギアクルス撃退~村5緊急までここまでの追記数は ...


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