TAS Temporary Access System


TAS Temporary Access System

In the construction area it is necessary to provide pedestrian communication between different floors, on which the works are performed: on several floors of buildings, excavations, slopes, embankments etc. To meet the expectations, the TLC Group designed safe and versatile temporary stairs and staircases. The TLC stairs and temporary staircases are suitable for unassisted assembly using a crane.

Main advantages of TCS stairs system are:
* Easy and quick assembly
* Universality and safety
* Wide range of the inclination to the horizontal: between 25° and 50°
* Simple and reliable structure
* Modularity – available in modules between 3 and 18 steps with a single flight of stairs
* Possibility of combining single duckboards (e.g. 18+18 steps, 15+21 steps)
* Possibility of mounting railing on one or both sides
* Automatic steps levelling
* Possibility of changing the place of use on the site by means of crane transport
* Conformity with the standard PN-EN 12811

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