Wii Sports 9 Hole Golf TAS in 3:06.57


Wii Sports 9 Hole Golf TAS in 3:06.57

This is a TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) of Wii Sports 9 Hole Golf. I used the Dolphin emulator to slow down the game and enter in precise inputs frame by frame.

Rerecord count: 7,598

This project began in September 2018 after I started speedrunning Wii Sports golf, and ended in December 2018 upon completion of the TAS.


Why did you enter Expert a few times before starting the run?

The first time was to clear the AB check before the run got started, and the second was to generate new RNG values for the wind. I need certain winds on some holes or else it is impossible to play them optimally.

Why didn't you get a hole in one on Hole 7?

Speaking of getting optimal winds... I tried to, but the wind and pin placement made it impossible. Trust me, I tried many ways to get it to work, but it wasn't going to happen. It cost about 2-3 seconds to land in the bunker and get an eagle.

Why are some of the swings kinda slow?

I had to TAS this using emulated motion controls, meaning an x,y,z coordinate for every single frame to emulate the position of the wiimote. The best solution I found for fast swings resulted in some swings taking a brief moment to adjust before the ball could be hit.

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Wii Sports discord: https://discord.gg/ryhWwTv



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