Duel - Perfect Agent - 0:08 (TAS)


Duel - Perfect Agent - 0:08 (TAS)

1 second faster than non-TAS WR. 0:09 on Duel is the longest lasting WR in the game (13 years). Since it's such a short level, there's not much room for improvement, so it easily gets maxed.

This is actually even 3 frames (0.05) under 9 seconds.

I saw Henriks pause trick for Goldeneye yesterday (http://forums.the-elite.net/forum/ind...), so I decided to try similar things in PD. I've noticed earlier that random things like that can affect the timer.

By changing weapon at a specific time at the end of Duel it can sometimes save up to 7 frames, probably because the lag/framedrops from switching weapon causes the timer to freeze temporarily, which would actually lose time normally, but if it's done at the right time where the level ends, it can save frames instead.

My earlier best time was 9.13, or 548 frames, so 7 frames wouldn't be quite enough to get sub 9.

Then I noticed that I could sometimes save 2-3 frames between the first and second duels by changing weapons rapidly, so I was thinking like WTF, maybe Duel 8 is possible? But the game always seemed to freeze if I saved 3 frames if I wasn't unarmed (less lag). But sometimes I did manage to save 1 or 2 frames without it freezing.

You can notice the framerate drops at the beginning of the next duel after I have switched weapons rapidly, which would normally lose time, but at the beginning of each duel, the timer is always still for a moment, so I don't lose time from that.

Times I got before this: 9.05, 9.01, 9.00, 8.98, 8.96

EDIT feb 3: 1 frame improvement by using cinema+16:9 at the end (not sure if that was the cause or if it was just better luck). I also noticed that I had hi-res enabled during this so that probably lost me a couple of frames too.

Music version: http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1...

m64 and save state: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwPm...

Works with the "mupen64-r1-gcc4.6.2.zip" (or the older one, "Mupen64 v8 installer.zip" I think it's called) on http://code.google.com/p/mupen64-rr/d...

In-game frame counter which works with "Mupen64 v8 installer.zip":

Perfect Dark TAS times: http://ge-tas.webs.com/PD.htm



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