L'Empereur (NES) Save Corruption TAS WIP


L'Empereur (NES) Save Corruption TAS WIP

This uses the experimental SubNESHawk core of BizHawk, which allows for mid-frame resets. By resetting the game when an officer's address has been halfway overwritten, I am able to create a glitched officer address. From here I can manipulate pointer values to create more glitched officer adddresses, first redirecting to the controller input values, then using these to point directly to and modify the flag for the game ending.

This is my first WIP so it is very unoptimized. As you can see there are a ton of AI battles/actions/messages that could have been avoided with RNG manip. In addition I had trouble getting the checksum value right (in order to be able to load the corrupted save) so I had to spend more months than necessary working it out. An optimized TAS will probably accomplish this in half the time I did here, unless someone discovers a faster way to flag the ending.



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