CS:S TAS - surf_classics2 in 2:59


CS:S TAS - surf_classics2 in 2:59

TAS: 2:59.697 | Current WR: 3:59.52 | Difference: -59.82 seconds
Settings: 66 tick, 150 airaccelerate


SourceToolAssist by CRASH FORT: https://github.com/CRASHFORT/SourceTo...

1-tick autostrafer


Song: H.U.V.A. Network - .Blank



Q: What is a TAS?

A: TAS stands for Tool-Assisted Speedrun. In short, TAS runs are perfected runs which could never be achieved by a human.


Q: How is a TAS made?

A: In TAS runs, the person making the TAS uses a "movement recorder", which lets them make segments, rewind them, replay them, and perfect them down to the tick. This allows the TASer to make a perfect or near-perfect run which could not be achieved by a human.

TASers also lower the host_timescale setting, which makes the game play in slow-motion. This allows them to circumvent human reaction time. (Imagine it like this: https://gfycat.com/CarefulBasicAmeric...)

Strafe hacks are also used. Most TASes made in recent times use a 1-tick autostrafer, which strafes 66 times per second. Since the player is going in a straight line, they can get from point A to point B much faster than with normal strafes, as going in a straight path is always quicker than going in a curved path.


Q: But isn't that cheating?

A: The point of TASes is to show what a perfect, super-human run would look like. In order to do this, TASers use whatever tools they have at their disposal. These are NOT meant to be compared with a human-achieved run.


Q: Why don't you strafe when travelling in a straight line?

A: This is where the aforementioned 1-tick autostrafer comes in. You can't see it, but the player is, in fact, strafing 66 times per second.



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