Hyper Street Fighter 2- Zangief TAS


Hyper Street Fighter 2- Zangief TAS

EDIT 1 (February 10, 2014):

What is a TAS (Tool Assisted Video)? This site can answer all of your questions. Just know, I am not a part of this group:



Well, here's my Zangief TAS. Hope you enjoy 😀

I apologize if I use the same combos over and over again; I was too distracted in TAS-making, and by the time I realized it, the same combo had been used in each fight 😛 If you don't like this TAS, I promise the next TAS (T. Hawk) will be better 😛

On another note: I had already finished another Zangief TAS, but something happened during recording, and I had to start all over again Oh well 😛



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