Melee: All 51 Event Matches - Turbo TAS


Melee: All 51 Event Matches - Turbo TAS

This is a Part 2 of my old All 51 Event Matches TAS. Originally I was planning on completing these event matches for fastest time possible, but that requires AI manipulation that isn't possible in a non-stop run. So, I figured using Turbo Mode codes would be just as entertaining. Some of these event times might very well be the fastest ever done, however, they are not in any way legitimate.

A few notes on this run:
Event 13 at 6:13, canceling the end of Yoshi's side special makes him look stretched.
Event 16 at 8:27, canceling the warp star animation makes Kirby stay on the warp star facing toward the camera. You can also throw it like an item.

With these turbo mode codes, you can cancel up special moves, and retain the upward momentum with most characters to make them fly up at an insane speed. It works especially well with characters like Mario, Dr. Mario, Luigi, Roy, and Marth.

By canceling air dodging, characters are basically able to glide through the air in any direction.

The codes I used can be found here: https://smashboards.com/threads/the-i...
These codes let you cancel any move by lightly pressing the L or R buttons. I combined the speed of TAS with these codes to produce this video.



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