[MKW] TAS BKT Shortcuts & Strats 2019


[MKW] TAS BKT Shortcuts & Strats 2019

I have wanted to do this video for a few weeks already, but me and Flamin Funky were talking and we agreed that I can make an updated TAS Shortcuts video after his compilation that was just recently made (shown later in desc.) With the current editing software I use (which is good for a free one, but I plan on switching soon), its incredibly painful to put tons of titles, such as the names of the creators, in every clip, so I decided to credit them equally in the beginning.

If you noticed, I also included some Lap 1 BKS's since they had some new faster strats.

Where you can find these runs and players:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mlw8L... (Flamin Funky's Compilation)

Somethings you may ask or say (good and bad):

Wow, why did u steal someone else's content?
Lol first off, this isn't stealing. I'm simply showing off all of things TASers can do in one video. I don't take these runs as myself and I obviously credit them (in the beginning and description).

How long did it take you to make this? Was this just a lazy upload?
Actually, it took me a few hours in a row to make. I wouldn't consider this lazy, although it could have taken way longer without the compilation and naming the player on every clip, this took quite a while to make to be sure that everything in this video is perfect, like I try to do in all of my other videos.

What editing software do you use?
Lightworks v14

What's the music at (insert time)?
Ill tell u instead of listing them here lol

Great video!
Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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