TAS 2017 Junior Class Video


TAS 2017 Junior Class Video

Taipei American School, Taiwan

Music - Best day of my life by American Authors & Narnia OST "The Wardrobe"

Created by: Jeremiah Hsu, Darryl Loke, Kendrick Hew, Daniel Shen

Special Thanks to:
Class Gov
Ms.Fagen & Mr. Lopez
Dr.Hartzell, Mr.Vandenboom, and Mr. O'Rourke
Mr. Barrus & Mr Franklin
The Class of 2017


Jason Wang

Mr. Lopez
Dr. Hartzel
Mr. Vandenboom

Junior Chen
Mone Sera
Moka Sera
Aaron Gould
Yash Kalwani
Katie Fong
Oliver Gerbig
Dane Uhlman
Colton Shaner
Jesse Kao
Alex Ghedes
Annie Yu
Emily Chen
Harris Chen
Brendan Wong

Rachel Lee
Emma Chen
Eliyah Endaya
Reese Mcmillan
George Harn
Kevin Conkling
Don Taylor
Melissa Cho
Mare Ryoki
Justin Chen
Ariel Chen
Daniel Chuang
Harrison In
Amy Lin
Leo chen
William Chang
Becca Weddle
Kate Weddle
Lily Weddle
Jonathan Wu
Liam Chai
Sean Hsu
Paul imbrogulio
Evan Peng
Huiru Huang
Venus su
Kristen Long
Catrina Farrell
Gerald Foo
Jenny Hsiao
Angela Wu
Dennis Jang
Bryan Yang
Angela Chiang
Vivian teng
Junseoung Woo
Alex lin
Benjamin Chen
Stephen Hsiao
Fiona Tsai
Brandon Yih
Benita Wu
Nicole Tang

And the entire Class of 2017.

If we have forgotten or misspelled anyone’s name, please tell us. We will be glad to change it.



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