Metroid Prime 100% Tas in 00:49


Metroid Prime 100% Tas in 00:49

This is a Tool Assisted Speedrun of Metroid Prime finished in 49:59.317 In Game Time.

This Tas was started just after I finished my previous Lotad of the same category and is 15 minutes faster than said Lotad. I am greatly pleased with the final time of this Tas considering I started it with the intention of nothing faster than a 0:54. With current known strats and routing options a re-done Tas could get a time of 47:XX.

Metroid Prime uses IGT as it's primary timing solution due to it's accuracy to the frame and that it only progresses the timer during sections of gameplay where you are in control of Samus, meaning cutscenes and item fanfare are excluded from the final time.

Name: 168 | Length: 15 squares | Percentage: 1.7% | Tied with 5 mazes

Created on Dolphin 4.0-4222
Rerecord count - 212,417
Route Used - http://bit.ly/Tasroute

If your looking here for the meaning behind what I wrote on the wall before Artifact Temple, It is an inside joke among friends.



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