[MKW TAS] Mushroom Gorge Flap - 30.373


[MKW TAS] Mushroom Gorge Flap - 30.373

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count...ohh do I really need to say it?

TAS BKT Cut: -0.039
Previous by Jellopuff: https://youtu.be/I58YyB8_h1A

0:12 I'm sorry, i hit the gras. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME.

Overall I made this to test out a few strats, but nothing of them were actually faster than the current flap strats. So this run is pretty much unoptimized.

Without anything new I'd say the limit is mid - high 30.2xx.

[IZMIZM] izna - Guardian of the Shrine
from Future in the Past



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