What is a T.A.S?


What is a T.A.S?

There's a lot of unappreciated talent behind these runs.

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SEO bait A:
Some black decides to teach strangers what a Tool assisted speedrun is via the best racing game ever F-Zero GX

SEO bait b:
Nintendo make me a fucking F-Zero game already i'm sick of your Mario Kart shit. Give it to Sega, give it Namco, give it to fucking Al Queda, i don't give a shit how it's made just make that next F-Zero Game.

SEO bait c:
I mean F-Zero GX is broken as shit, it's like the smash brothers Melee of the F-Zero series, but it's so fun. Guys you need to find a copy before they're gone.

SEO bait d:
Captain Falcon shows moves via a TAS run. The folks at home weren't let down.



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