[TAS] Ashuro the Badger in 9:09


[TAS] Ashuro the Badger in 9:09

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For details, visit http://tasvideos.org/

THIS is a Sonic Hack that I love!
THIS is one of the first hacks that I played and enjoyed on my first smartphone on the Ggens emulator, at Mai/Jun 2016, and so I liked this very much and then I played a LOT of Sonic ROM Hack games.

I am optimizing my TASes very much recently, the Lua Script don't work on grand part of sonic hack games, and so I learned how to work with RAM Watch values, and found the best ways to increase Sonic speed and maintain this.

In this TAS, I learned too how to work with "TAS Movie Editor", for optimize some parts of this TAS. I had a lot of dificults on beginning and a lot of errors and desyncs when I tried to optimize some parts, for example:

In Zone 2 - Act 2 I found a misterious glitch that I hit the floor... but when I tried to optimize the beginning of this level, the glitch disappears, because the subpixels of position and velocity is different than before. And in the last act of this game, i had a lot of desyncs, and had to arrange one by one, but... I GOT THIS!

Other glitches that I found

I found too a misterious glitch on Zone 2 - Boss. When Ashuro is falling to the ground, and if in exact moment (aproximatelly 2 frames before) he climbs to the wall, he jumps VERY HIGH!!! I use this to get incredible results on this boss and beat faster than possible!

In Zone 1 - Act 2, I do the classic "Horizontal Warp" glitch. It's a bit hard, because if I do this and stand still... I DIE! So I have to up to a higher platform and stay here during the warp moments, and when finally the camera is close to Ashuro, I do the spindash and got through this!

In Zone 2 - Act 1, I just jump and passed over in the high of the level. In certain moment a wall appears, and I had to climb this and continue.

In Zone 3 - Act 1, I do the classic "Marble Zone Platform" glitch. But is impossible to warp this level, because theres a wall in my left. And so I just can go to the right, climb the wall of my right and stands on.

It's possible to scape some "ferris wheel" by jumps on beginning, and so the game considers that you jump on the left (secondary) platform of this, and go on.

The speed in 6:48 IT'S OVER 8000 SUBPIXELS (Vegeta like this!)
The maximum speed that I got was 8313 on this same part.

In some moments of the last level, there are a lot of "SUPER LAGGY FRAMES" ouch!


In Ashuro the badger, you plays with Ashuro in 3 playable zones:

FROZEN ISLAND (Green Hill Zone)
act 1 (day)
act 2 (sunset)
act 3 (midnight)

DEEP CRYSTAL (Labyrinth Zone)
act 1 (green)
act 2 (blue)
act 3 (yellow)

PYRAMID TRAP (Marble Zone)
act 1 (day)
act 2 (sunset)
act 3 (night)



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