TAS (PC) Cave Story - 4th Ending (No Damage) (Happy Best Ending) [Mod]


TAS (PC) Cave Story - 4th Ending (No Damage) (Happy Best Ending) [Mod]

English Version with Modding. No take damage, two hidden Easter egg and no upgrade max health or missile's max ammo for like HARD MODE.

Turn ON for Annotations if you want read guide before Sand Zone. Always show up SKIP before Enter Sand Zone.

Modding by "HaydenStudios" for made 4th/Fourth Ending (Happy Best Ending); v1.34 (Final Version).

NOTE: Too bad without Blade for King kept alive. I don't see Super Missile Launcher or Nemesis. But Carly still have Nemesis in Hell (Final Stage) and final battle. I skip Bubbler is useless.

Spur is useful; Charge up attack a boss delay 50-100 damage, charge level 3 is 25-50 damage after beam laser fade and without charge up is only 4 damage per 0.3 seconds.

However about Missile Launcher was "EMPTY" in final battle, because no upgrade missile's max ammo like HARD MODE. But I forgot fireball good use is 6 damage and max 4 shot per 0.5 seconds.

I've tired used TAS in PC some few crash but still 60 FPS and AVI video is very clear.

I removed all my video for Cave Story with Hack is full cheated and nothing change for modding and no watch for my views.

Final Battle: 1:02:43

Next the Jenka's Nightmare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_6Xz...

Bad Ending [1st]: Kazuma (Sue's Brother) with ride Dragon and escaped.
Normal Ending [2nd]: Defeat Doctor and Destroy Core and finally Escape but Island's crash and destroyed .
Sad Best Ending (Good Ending) [3rd] Defeat Ballos and Island's floating again but all mimigas are dead without mod like King and Toroko are dead and rest other frenzy mimigas.
Happy Best Ending [3rd Mod] Defeat Ballos and Island's floating again but all mimigas are alive only mod by "HaydenStudios".
And Secret Ending for Mimiga Mask (Mimiga Ending) [4th] same as Normal Ending .



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