[TAS] Refunct — any% in ~9943 frames (2:45.72)


[TAS] Refunct — any% in ~9943 frames (2:45.72)

The finish time should not be taken seriously in this run!
The gap between the shown ingame time and the frame count comes from immense lag caused by my ancient computer. The actual frame count comes out at 9943 frames at a ratio of 60 frames per second, resulting in a time of about 2:45.72–2:45.73.

Even though we are looking at a tool assisted speedrun here, it is still quite difficult to make every part completely perfect, and editing the file after the fact is nearly impossible without rewriting the entire program (which I still might to at some point in the future to perhaps push a 2:45.5x time).

I predict a 2:45 to be humanly possible, although extremely difficult.

I tried to record in a slightly better quality than my normal runs, so I hope it is actually watchable. Stay tuned for more videos in the future.



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