Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha - Shin Gouki Survival TAS


Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha - Shin Gouki Survival TAS

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Game: Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (Survival mode)
Player: Dark Noob
Difficult: Level 8 (Expert)
This is a Tool-Assisted Recording please enter in TASVideos to more details: www.tasvideos.org
WARNING: I used a special cheat in this video to play w/S.Gouki/Akuma because he is unplayable in this plataform, so don't ask how play with this character only cheats can make possible a play with this character.
Time to play with Shin Gouki/Akuma this character is the most craziest, he can do fabulous combos with two gou hadou in air making a lot of combos already seen and didn't seen.
I choose the survival mode because S.Gouki is most convenient in this game for me, round per round he can do variable forms of super combos,CCs and normal combos.
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