Non-TAS vs TAS: BLJing to BitS


Non-TAS vs TAS: BLJing to BitS

This is a video to outline the difference between a Human speedrunner (non-TAS) vs a Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS)

A non-TAS is recorded as a player plays the game.
A TAS is a frame by frame recording with the use of save states, to allow simple modification of complex maneuvers and techniques, allowing for a perfect play-though.

The non-TAS video was purposefully made to be full of common mistakes (such as long jumping to the 2nd stairs, missing the bowser world, failing dustless dive recoveries, etc.), while keeping it somewhat fast (Not BLJing through the door so fast that Mario slides - I purposefully made it so mario would loose speed through the door, and i made Mario have decent movement)

The TAS was made to be fast (We didn't optimize it, so it could be made much faster), following the WR TAS routes for the 16 Star category.

This video idea was planned to be in a future "What is a TAS?" video. But I have been too busy to make it.



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