TAS (GBA) Wario Land 4 - Super Hard (100% & No Damage)


TAS (GBA) Wario Land 4 - Super Hard (100% & No Damage)

I don't skip intro but you can click *SKIP* on top left when begin gameplay a start timer count.

No reset after intro and per clear stage/boss.

Every stage are very difficult run on SUPER Hard: Set 1 health expect Boss is 4 healths without take damage but many enemies.
I never allow a *glitches* like speedrun and every disc found.

But every Boss is very easy by TAS but only one life used code by: "03001910:01" and cannot refill health, I found RAM search made by myself.

Final Boss is quite hard faster a damage dealt but my rules is no take damage and only one life by code.



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